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Tasting locally distinct food is essential when traveling internationally. It is one of the most memorable cultural experiences. But what makes food taste authentic?


Salt is the most important ingredient in any dish. It makes food taste authentic. Silkysalt, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, brings you over a hundred unique salts from around the world. Each with its own distinctive flavor and texture.

Silkysalt uses eco-friendly kiosk stores as a sustainable alternative to physical retail stores. They are designed after Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome, which is exceptional in terms of strength, durability, and efficiency.


Outdoor Advertising
Cargo bicycles carry samples of fresh food and various types of salts for taste testing in public areas.

Billboards placed above ethnic restaurants feature salt from their homeland.


Interactive Map

The branding and identity for Silkysalt was influenced by Richard Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion philosophy. "Dynamic" and "maximum efficiency". He was an early environmental activist and one of our world's first futurists. Fuller's inventions tend to be based on geometry comprised of a complex network of triangles. These triangles embodied the structural principles used by nature, thus lightweight and strong. The triangle became the foundation of most of his work, the most important element in his designs. Just like salt to food.

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